Hello all. Just a reminder that newborn safety is of utmost importance to me. And it should be to you, too! I have been taught newborn safety by several of the top newborn photographers in the world as well as NICU nurses. I follow cues from the baby. If the baby doesn’t like a certain pose – they let me know! I never force babies into a pose. If the baby doesn’t want to do it, we move on to the next one. 

You may or may not know that the newborn photography industry is not regulated. That means that anyone with a camera can call themselves a newborn photographer. Most often, the first question I get asked about is pricing, when it really should be about safety, training, and experience. Do you really want just ANYONE posing your baby in a bucket if they do not know what they are doing? A lot of the posing that you see on my website and social media are composite images or heavily photoshopped. I often have someone supporting the baby or holding the baby and that extra person is photoshopped out of the image. 

Parents, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask about training. Ask if the photographer is insured. I’d be happy to go over any of this with you before you book with me. Give me a call so we can chat more about the services I offer! 918-940-2701